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Sun, Nov. 23rd, 2008, 12:46 pm
koolsilver: stupid contest video


Tue, Sep. 25th, 2007, 07:57 pm

Ho ho ho.

I forgot entirely that the Art Party has a Livejournal group. Oh internet! You never fail to strangle me.

So, for those watchers! If I can reach out to you here, how are you doing? I am glad to say that our art gallery has not stopped growing. In the slow, drippy months of summer we've gained:

>>Sets of photographs from kameraman extraordinaire Tommy Kha and the ever-enigmatic Cadet Jared.
>>Poetry by Cadet Ledet (our mayoral candidate) and our lovely Admiral.
>>New ink from Cadet Alice.
>>A lovely host of art from a Cadet I found in Belgium: the wonderful Cadet Camille. Drawings, paintings, cosmetic arts, and more!
>>Recently much work from our only non-cadet, Anti-Cadet Steffi. Wonderful paintings, pencil works, and most recently a set of themed papier mâchée masks.
>>Some vandalism that Steff and I did.

Are you not on the list? Are you interested in helping us out some?

I recently discovered that when we made the jump from Blogger to Googbloggoolgger, we lost most of our accounts (!!!). If you were part of this holocaust, please comment here or contact us. If you've got something to share, we really want to see it!

I admit things are somewhat discombobulated right now. I am in Japan, and some of our head officers are caught up in the perpetual limbo known only as "Py's Makeout Club." If you'd like to help around with recruitment, website development, or member processing, please say so!

Otherwise, I will take your silence as consent and register us all for the Church of Scientology. SaysomethingImissyou.

Well happy newschoolyear, and happy autumn everybody! I hope you're doing so well. I hope the world is contorting to your favor. Changeallujah.

~Cadet Tom

Thu, Jun. 21st, 2007, 11:31 pm
glumby: again again


Thu, Jun. 21st, 2007, 07:00 pm
glumby: ban nerr

another. very simple.

Thu, Jun. 21st, 2007, 03:43 pm
glumby: banner?

I just sort of whipped this up this afternoon. Feedback would be cool, and I hope to put some more up here soon.

Mon, Jun. 18th, 2007, 05:57 pm
koolsilver: TRASH TRASH TRASH lives?!?!??? sort of.

it's almost as if we've come back from the dead....

The State of Poem (extended trailer)

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there is an admittedly awesome shot (gaghaghahgahahhaaha) of me dancing to Porsches on the Autobahn near the beginning, and then some rather silly clips of TTT after that... funny that they used shots from our sound check where we are uncostmed and freaking covering le tigre. hear's hoping that those kids don't get sued.
the movie itself looks pretty cool, i think it will be interesting and fun to watch. i like poetry and i suppose i am rather curious about the state it's in these days. according to the myspace, the movie should be out in the fall or winter, but i doubt it will have very widespread release. i think that we're supposed to get a copy? we'll see. let me know if yr interested in it..... hysterical. o the life we live.

Wed, Jun. 6th, 2007, 01:41 pm
koolsilver: Welcome!

this is the new ART PARTY livejournal community. i'm starting it in part to spread awareness to potential members who don't know that we exist yet. also, this is another way to post art that might be easier for LJ users instead of bloggers (and no, we don't mind crossposting). and we'd like for Art Party members to be able to contact each other to organize events, collaborate, and offer respectful criticism of each other's work. so use this community to SHARE YOUR WORK AND THOUGHTS! i definitely want to get more dialogue going about the direction the Party should be taking, and get an idea of how everyone feels about the political situation and current events these days. don't feel stupid about stating your mind, and don't make anyone else feel stupid for stating theirs. we have to cooperate to get this revolution going.... let's go! fight fight fight!